Premiere at 22. March 2021


Gioachino Rossini
Il signor Bruschino ossia Il figlio per azzardo
Farsa giocosa per musica in un atto di Giuseppe Foppa

It's always the same thing: two elderly gentlemen agree to marry their children without considering it necessary to ask the young people for their opinion beforehand. Usually a fatal undertaking, as in Gioachino Rossini's Il Signor Bruschino. Sofia does not want to be married to Mr. Bruschino's son; but Florville, who she is in love with. Her guardian Gaudenzio, however, considers Florville's father as his enemy and would never agree to this relationship. When Florville's father dies, however, his son hopes that it this will change the situation for the better and bury the old feud. In the meantime, Gaudenzio has unfortunately already promised his daughter Sofia to Bruschino's son. The intended groom ends up accumulating so many debts at the local bar that the innkeeper locks him up in a room. Consequently, Florville pretends to be his own rival, whilst he is locked up and wants to trick the old gentleman this way.
In his early opera Il Signor Bruschino, composed in 1813 for the Teatro San Moisè in Venice, Rossini plays with types of commedia dell'arte and writes an amusing piece about the creative handling of reality and the search of young people for their place in the world. Or, as Gaudenzio puts it: "In the great world theater, everyone is looking for his happiness. And no matter how well he may be doing, man is never satisfied. So let us be joyful and enjoy what is coming. And may our hearts shine with joy and pleasure."

Marcus H. Rosenmüller, a well-known Munich director of feature films, television documentaries and the so-called "Nockherberg Singspiel", staged an opera for the first time at the Bayerische Staatsoper in 2015, Le Comte Orywith the Opernstudio, and is working on his second musical theater production with a captivating bel canto vocal ensemble in Montagsstück XVIII. Musical direction is by Rossini connoisseur Antonino Fogliani. Singers include Emily Pogorelc (Sofia), Andres Agudelo (Bruschino figlio), Josh Lovell (Florville), and Edwin Crossley-Mercer (Filiberto).