Composer Gordon Kampe. Libretto von Andri Beyeler.

Children's opera from 8 years - 2020

If Lena hadn't been voted last on the team again in gymnastics class, she never would have let herself say, "I'm jumping off the three-meter this afternoon!" A test of courage - but also an act of emancipation, liberation and self-conquest. Two singers, a children's choir and a small instrumental ensemble tell of the big and small challenges before the big jump: sneaking away from home despite dad's prohibition, riding the bus alone and without a ticket, sneaking into the swimming pool through the hole in the fence without money for admission, hoping for rain so that maybe she won't have to jump after all, and finally climbing onto the three-meter board under the eyes of the school class and then standing up there and ...

Processing of orders starts 2 months before, remaining tickets are available at the box office from 1 month before.

Kompositionsauftrag der Bayerischen Staatsoper
Finanziert durch die Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung

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