Annalena Fröhlich

Annalena Fröhlich is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist. Fröhlich's artistic practice moves across a broad spectrum of different media. As a solo artist as well as in numerous collaborations, Fröhlich creates a multidisciplinary universe between everyday life and desaster, and through the play of time, space, sound and the representation of bodies, she deconstructs visual habits, supposed certainties and formats. Her alter ego JAMES is resident of the collective SHAKTI STREAM founded by transmedia artist DANCE DIVINE with which they fight for the creation and preservation of spaces of existence for all non-mainstream and queer beings. JAMES mixes, composes and remixes future Bass, Future beats, experimental, deconstructed electronics, analog noise beats, rap and blurs boundaries between DJ set, concert and performance, performing and mixing in clubs and stages alike. As a video artist and sound designer, she has a long-standing collaboration with theater director Claudia Bossard. (Volkstheater Vienna, Volkstheater Munich, Schauspielhaus Graz, Staatstheater Darmstadt kosmos theater wien). With Fhunyue Gao she initiated ROBIN ROBIN, a virtual and analog platform on which they experiment excessively and unconventionally with sound, scenic installations, choreography, themes and forms. Fröhlich was the cofounder and longtime co-artistic director of the dance theater collective deRothfils with whom she toured internationally and realized dance performances and films. Her film directorial debut they keep disappearing was invited to the Cinedans Dance on Screen Festival Amsterdam.

(Information as of 2023)