Mukul Patel (*1971) is codirector of ambientspace, an artist-run studio in London that has been producing critical, intermedia work at the intersection of society and technology since 2001. He plays predominantly with sound, language, and processes. Past projects include AV DINNERS, an audio-visual performance of the preparation and consumption of a meal, and ORCHESTRA OF ANXIETY, a (playable) harp with strings of razor wire. As sound artist, he has composed for experimental film (dir. Manu Luksch, Isaac Julien) and dance (chor. Athina Vahla, Shobana Jeyasingh, Ballet Boyz/Akram Khan), and produced numerous public installations. His writing ranges from film scripts (FACELESS, dir. Manu Luksch, voice: Tilda Swinton), to nonfiction in the realms of art, mathematics, and technology – including books for children. In formal terms he has been strongly influenced by 1960s-70s conceptual practice, the music of North India, and the French literary-mathematical group Oulipo. His academic grounding includes a degree in humanities (Cambridge) and current studies in mathematics (Imperial College London).
This is Mukul’s fifth collaboration with Russell, having previously composed the music for CHOICE (2003), TWELVETWENTYONE (2004, for L’Opéra de la Ballet de Lyon), TRANSMISSION (2006) and STILL/CURRENT (2013).