Antoine Seychal


Antoine Seychal is a creator of sound universes for cinema, video games, performing arts and live shows. Originally from Paris and now living in Montreal, he composes and makes music mixing electronic, orchestral and various musical styles. Drummer since his childhood and sound designer, his musical approach is immersive, varied, alive and melodic. He studied at several institutions: at EICAR to become a sound engineer, at UQAM and MAAAV to work on and perfect his musical signature, and at Cégep du Vieux Montréal to learn and develop a creative approach to the world of video games. Antoine Seychal has worked with many companies such as The 7 Fingers, Ubisoft, Virgin Group, Moment Factory or Cirque du Soleil.  He has participated in recordings with the Prague Symphony Orchestra, the Montreal Philharmonic Orchestra and has traveled to many countries working with musicians from Lebanon, France and Canada. In the 2023-24 season, Antoine Seychal composes the music for Andrew Skeels' new creation Chasm as part of the Duato/Skeels/Eyal ballet evening.

Information as of 2024