Composer Jesse Broekman. Based on the fable by Sophie Kassies.

Musical theatre for children aged eight and over (2012/2022) Music by Jesse Broekman As part of the Ja Mai festival

DAS KIND DER SEEHUNDFRAU is based on an ancient myth from the far north. A lonesome fisherman falls in love with a seal-woman, part human and part seal. She will be his wife, under the condition, however, that he frees her together with her sealskin seven years later. Their love produces a son – Oruk. As her health fails increasingly with years, the man refuses to believe the reason why and at first belies his son the truth of his mother’s origin.

In this staging, an actor, an actress, a female singer and three musicians tell the timeless story of love, family, loss, separation and the formation of identities. Various devices flow and are used with great implicitness – moving songs, recitatives, dance and movement interplay effortlessly with one another and form an icy world. Whirring electronic sounds, the creaking of the ice floes, and a fragile and passionate love – an intensive and fascinating confrontation with finality and the fragility of all beings.

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