Get lost - eine Odyssee durch die Nacht

Composer Claudio Monteverdi / Enik.

Music theater for young audiences (2023) recommended from 15 years.

A cooperation with the cultural center Backstage and the Schauburg

. With members of the Opera Studio of the Bavarian State Opera and actors from the Schauburg Munich.

In German without surtitles. New Production.


One night changes everything. A group of young people on a quest. What keeps them together, what makes each person special, friendship or loneliness? An odyssey that takes them to the limits. A journey in which the risk of losing oneself is part of the experience.

In the intricate rooms of BACKSTAGE, club music mixes with the special sound world of the baroque. Motifs of the Odyssey merge with an absolutely contemporary coming of age story. Musical theatre that brings together the world of opera and youthful subculture.

On entering the BACKSTAGE area, we are drawn into the spell and maelstrom of a special evening that director Daniel Pfluger and Munich-based musician and sound-tinkerer Enik work out with singers and musicians, actors and dancers. They design a course in which the audience can discover spaces and experiences, the paths of the spectators separate and cross again. The inspiration is the music of Claudio Monteverdi, which delves into the depths of human emotional states and expresses emotions, raw and direct.

Get lost is a Bayerische Staatsoper, Schauburg and BACKSTAGE co-production.

Get Lost Playlist