A film by Georg Friedrich Haas

Hyena is a dramatic film with a one-woman performance by Mollena Williams-Haas, who has previously performed this play live with Klangforum Wien. In the summer of 2021, XQL Media produced a stylized feature film adaptation based on her original performance.  The film was directed by Jack Perez from a script by Mollena Williams-Haas.As a woman enters rehab to heal from her alcohol addiction, a beautiful, poetic and harrowing journey of words emerges. The play is set entirely to original music by Georg Friedrich Haas and is performed by the Talea Ensemble. Hyena is a bold and courageous journey with words into the mind of an alcoholic woman who must battle her worst demon - the titular hyena.

Performer: Mollena Williams-Haas
Music: George Frederick Haas
Director: Jack Perez
Producer: Malinalli López
Year: 2021