Story and text by Anna Bernreitner, Leonard Eröd, Catherine Leiter.

Musical theatre for children aged six and over (2022) Music from Der Freischütz, The Magic Flute, Fidelio, A Midsummer Night's Dream


Max is a quiet and reserved boy and it’s not easy for him in school. But he does have a very special talent – he is an excellent archer. But recently he just hasn’t been hitting the mark. Max can’t figure out what’s wrong with him. The other kids laugh at him. Suddenly he gets a tempting offer. At midnight, the witching hour, he can have magic arrows in the Wolf's Glen in the heart of the forest. Magic arrows always hit the mark!  Max accepts the mysterious offer and goes off to get it. In the forest, he meets three super heroes. They help him, and he can really do with the help. The Queen of the Night, The Flying Dutchman, and Puck a cheeky little elf, accompany Max through the forest at night. In the Wolf’s Glen it gets dangerous and the adventure takes a surprising twist ... Will the four heroes make it?

Max und die Superheld:innen moves through the world of opera step-by-step – familiar music and opera heroes intertwine in a thrilling story. The plot is loosely based on von Carl Maria von Weber’s opera, Der Freischütz, but rearranged for children and freely reinvented in places. The music combines enthralling, dramatic and emotional moments from opera and drama music of the German Romance period, from Der Freischütz, The Magic Flute, Fidelio and A Midsummer Night's Dream. An ensemble of ten musicians perform.