Chamber Concerts

The large Bavarian State Orchestra and its many members not only perform opera and symphonic music, but for many decades have also been particularly passionate about performing chamber concerts in small formations. The chamber music series, now based in the Allerheiligen Hofkirche, has existed since 1960, with around six Sunday matinees each season. In addition, there are concerts at the Cuvilliés Theater during the festival. The Hermann Levi Academy with its young orchestral talents also contributes to the instrumental profile of the Bavarian State Opera with its programs. Over time, the chamber music activities have given rise to ensembles of their own, which also give concerts far beyond Munich.



The Hermann-Levi-Academy of the Bavarian State Orchestra was founded in 2002 under the name Orchestra Academy of the Bavarian State Orchestra in order to pass on the centuries-old tradition of one of the oldest German orchestras to young musicians and in this way to keep the special sound and playing culture alive for future generations. Since July 2021, the Orchestra Academy has borne the name "Hermann Levi Academy" to honor Hermann Levi's significance for music and, in particular, his pioneering work at the National Theater in Munich.