Fran Diaz

Fran Diaz is a Spanish choreographer living in Germany. He studied at the National Ballet School of Canada in Toronto and worked as a dancer with the Leipzig Ballet and the Staatsballett Hannover under the direction of Marco Goecke. He then devoted himself to choreographing. His work often deals with themes related to collectivity: the notion of community, the need for a sense of belonging or the reconfiguration of one's own physical spaces and boundaries. He is also interested in interfaces with queer culture, the design of institutional structures and the creation of safe spaces in dance. His work, which often manifests itself in multidisciplinary projects, is characterised by a clinical style, fast-paced execution and a sculptural approach. In 2020 his choreography Toothpicks won third prize at the International Choreography Competition in Hanover and in 2021 he was a finalist at the International Choreography Competition in Copenhagen with his choreography I'll do the talking.
(Stand 2023)