SPHERES.01 | Goecke

Contemporary ballets by Marco Goecke and choreographers of the younger generation, curated by Marco Goecke.

recommended for 12 years and older

Premiere at 23. June 2023

Munich Opera Festival Sunday, 25. June 2023, 07:30 pm , Prinzregententheater.

Munich Opera Festival, Opernfestspiele 2023

Prices PE , € 58 /48 /33 /21 /18


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In the new series Spheres in June 2023, ballet director Laurent Hilaire focuses on the younger generation of dance makers. The aim is to trace connections within a choreographic "sphere" and to derive elements of a possible dance language of the future. The first edition is curated by Marco Goecke, who will also contribute his dance piece All long dem day to the music of Nina Simone's SinnermanAll long dem day was created in 2015 for the Staatliche Ballettschule Berlin. In June 2023, the young dancers of the Bavarian Junior Ballet Munich will dance the choreography for Spheres.01
Invited to participate in the first edition of Spheres.01 are the choreographers Fran Diaz, Nicolas Paul and Ondřej Vinklát. Diaz, who comes from Spain, lives in Germany and was a dancer with the Leipzig Ballet and the Staatsballett Hannover before devoting himself to choreographing. Frenchman Nicolas Paul danced with the Paris Opera Ballet for several years from 1996, where he also gained his first experience of choreography in 2001. Ondřej Vinklát danced with the Czech National Ballet from 2012 to 2020 and has since worked as a freelance dancer and choreographer.