Cucina Povera


Cucina Povera is a solo project by musician Maria Rossi. She is one of the most distinctive new voices on the European underground music scene and has been releasing her albums with great success since 2018. The title Cucina Povera is borrowed from a culinary concept in Italian cuisine, which is able to create a dish from just a few ingredients. Maria Rossi works in a similar way with electronic sounds and the human voice. She sometimes combines them into tracks that last over 20 minutes and create a poetry all of their own. In 2022, she collaborated with musician Ben Vince for a dreamy, psychedelic exploration in sound (album: There I See Everything). Two tracks from this album can be heard in Fran Diaz's choreography The habit, which premiered at the Bayerisches Staatsballett in June 2023 as part of the Sphären series.

(Information as of 2023)