Raphaëlle Latini

Born in Caen in 1971, Raphaëlle Latini has danced since she was a child, studying both classical and contemporary dance. She is a protean artist, a graphic designer, videographer and set designer. Raphaëlle Latini is a DJ at a number of Parisian clubs & bars. Her unique approach to the use of turntables and the acoustic materials has also brought her to work for choreographic workshops at major French CCNs. This has added another dimension to her arsenal, that of a live performer, working on Vincent Dupont’s Plan, designing sets for Borges vs Goya (Rodrigo Garcia) with the Cie Akté, and also creating modules (video, music, sets) for choreographic performances involving five to seven dancers: Appartement 63 (2005). In 2007 she founded the Groupe ENTORSE, inaugurating it with Love Affair, green girl (a radiophonic theatre piece), then Accidens (ce qui arrive) in 2010, [àut] in 2012, Haute résilience in 2013, and Morceau and Hantologie in 2014. She continued collaborating with Vincent Dupont on Incantus (2007) and on Souffles (2010). She created amongs others the soundtracks for Neige (2010) for Michèle Anne De Mey/ Charleroi danses, for À Louer (2011), Vader (2014) and Moeder (2016) for Peeping Tom and The Missing Door (2013), The Lost Room (2015) in collaboration with Nederlands Dans Theater.