Michel Ostaszewski

Set designer

Michel Ostaszewski's first theatre experiences date back to his early childhood, when he accompanied his mother to the Great Theatre of Lodz. This is where his interest in design and the development of his own visual language began. The old theatre building combined with the monumental stage designs of the time had a profound influence on his work as a set designer. In the 1980s, Michel Ostaszewski's family moved first to Algeria, then to France and shortly afterwards to Montreal, Canada. It was in Montreal, one of the most exciting theatre scenes in North America, that he began his career. He first completed his education at Concordia University in Montreal, and later attended further courses in the USA. After completing his Master of Fine Arts degree, Michel Ostaszewski lived in New York City for seven years, where he worked on a variety of projects in film, special effects and theatre. He also worked for the Metropolitan Opera in New York, a place where he further defined and refined his artistic style. Since then, his theatrical spaces have been seen on numerous stages in Canada, the USA and the Netherlands.

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