Così fan tutte 
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What do a bouncy castle and a mattress have to do with Mozart? They are part of Magda Willi's set design for Così fan tutte. While the composer deceives his audience - at least as far as the genre is concerned - Director Benedict Andrews consequently also deals with desire as a disruptive social force in his production. But we remain true to ourselves and once again take a look behind the scenes of the new production.


#11 Audiofeature

The revolution of desire: "The School of Lovers," the subtitle of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's opera Così fan tutte, begins amusingly, as a crosswise trial of fidelity. In the end, however, disturbance reigns, for Dorabella and Fiordiligi, the fiancés of the two boys Guilelmo and Ferrando, turn out to be quite seducible, one sooner, one later. But what does this mean for the idea of true love? And what for the ideal world of our society, which is built on marriage, children, permanent employment ...? Is Don Alfonso right, the life-experienced "philosopher" and director of the abysmal play, who thinks he knows: Così fan tutte, that's how all (women) do it -? Or, after two couples have gone through the fire of doubt and despair here, is there still more to learn?


What is love?

The symbol of love is the heart. The place of feeling is the belly. Neuroscientist Andreas Bartels says: Love is a matter of the brain. He must know, because he was one of the first to make the love areas in the brain visible with his research.


Così fan tutte - Wie das Auto auf die Bühne kam 

COSÌ FAN TUTTE - Wie das Auto auf die Bühne kam


Hand aufs Hirn #3 with Lilo Wanders

In the third episode of "Hand aufs Hirn," Lilo Wanders talks about her experiences as a sexpert. What is desire? How did she discover her own desire? Why is it liberating to deal with your own desire and why would the world be a better place if we all made sexuality less taboo?


Sluts with morals 

Many people still silently think of the word "monogamous" when they hear the word "relationship". But in practice, trying to live monogamously also leads to disappointment, to loneliness in togetherness, to dissatisfaction. Why is it time to rethink sex and love? How can polyamory, open relationships and all other adventures succeed?