Così fan tutte 
The most important facts at a glance

You only have a few minutes and are looking for the decisive key data about Mozart's Così fan tutte? The most important facts about the new production in compact form. What are the basics of director Benedict Andrews' production? In articles, picture galleries, podcasts and videos, we collect new impressions for you day by day. Enjoy!



On the performance


#10 How to Oper 

Happy New Year! The Bavarian State Opera is back from its summer break. HOW TO OPER starts with the first premiere of the season: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's opera Così fan tutte. It's all or nothing/ Two weighty opponents enter the ring: romantic love vs. desire! Kathi spoke with stage designer Magda Willi and dramaturg Katja Leclerc about why desire always drives us, and why it can bring down society as we know it.



Was begehrst Du? #BSOcosi

Schon gesehen? Anlässlich der Neuproduktion stellen wir diese Frage nicht nur auf der Bühne, sondern auch im Alltag. Dazu bringen wir eine der zentralen Requisiten der Inszenierung in den öffentlichen Kontext und bitten Passanten, ihr Begehren in Form eines Selfies unter dem Hashtag #BSOcosi zu inszenieren.



Hand aufs Hirn #3 with Lilo Wanders

In the third episode of "Hand aufs Hirn," Lilo Wanders talks about her experiences as a sexpert. What is desire? How did she discover her own desire? Why is it liberating to deal with your own desire and why would the world be a better place if we all made sexuality less taboo?





Sluts with morals

Many people still silently think of the word "monogamous" when they hear the word "relationship". But in practice, trying to live monogamously also leads to disappointment, to loneliness in togetherness, to dissatisfaction. Why is it time to rethink sex and love? How can polyamory, open relationships and all other adventures succeed?


Background information on the performance

Would you like to know more about Così fan tutte? Take a look behind the curtain here, peek into the rehearsal rooms, into the workshops, or read on about the topics that are driving the opera premiere production team!