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Would you like to know more and think ahead? Take a look behind the curtain here, peek into the rehearsal rooms, into the workshops, or read on about the topics that are driving the opera premiere production team! Immerse yourself in the world of Lohengrin and the making of director Kornél Mundruczó's production. And feel free to stick around for a while. In podcasts, picture galleries, videos and further texts about Lohegrin, the people behind it, the processes and the creation. Enjoy!


LOHENGRIN - Music in the room

"Already in the score there is a dimension of spatial organization". In our new production LOHENGRIN the entire auditorium is filled with music. We stopped by a rehearsal to take a close look at how François-Xavier Roth will use the auditorium to organize the stage music. 



How is a meteorite formed? And why? And what does it all have to do with Richard Wagner? The latest issue of our Behind the scenes series tries to answer these and other questions. Everyone is searching for truth and salvation - but can't find it. That's why people tend to put their hope in a leader. In his new production of Lohengrin at the Bayerische Staatsoper director Kornél Mundruczó shows why this can be dangerous. Meanwhile, conductor François-Xavier Roth explains how he organizes the oversized music at the National theatre.


Hand aufs Hirn #4 with Margot Käßmann

In the fourth episode of "Hand aufs Hirn" Margot Käßmann talks about redeemers and redemption. What is redemption? Why do we overload idols and redemption figures with expectations and hopes? How did she herself fare as the regional bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hanover? And then as chairwoman of the Council of the Evangelical Church in Germany? How has the public image changed after your resignation? And why are there so many patriarchal savior figures in our world?


#12 Audiofeature

Right off the bat: The complexity of a full-length opera naturally doesn't fit into a 15-minute audio feature. But the desire to spend the evening at the opera might. Music journalist Holger Noltze, Professor of Music and Media at TU Dortmund University, is creating a customized audio series for this year's premieres. The feature will be available online from the day of each premiere. In addition to the basics of the piece - plot, reception, composition and libretto - it will also deal with the special Munich features of the production. In addition to voices from the production, one actor in particular will be heard: The music. And not just in the background or as an aside, but as that which holds everything together. The boundaries will be fluid: information, strong voices and audio art.


The inner contradiction makes Wagner a fragile phenomenon for me

Director Kornél Mundruczó in conversation with dramaturge Malte Krasting.



Virgin, Lolita and Savior

She was adored, she fell, finally she rose again: From world star Britney Spears first became a figure of fun, then a feminist icon. What happened? A journey through two decades of pop and contemporary history.


Redemption with Gerhard Polt

Gerhard Polt is not infrequently referred to as a Bavarian primal animal. As such, the artist is of course familiar with the redemptive effect of humor, country-specific bringers of grace and purgatory. Before he reminds us of the Apocalypse in "Die Hölle," he spoke two bars with Apollo. Greetings.