Composer Toshio Hosokawa. Libretto from Hannah Dübgen based on the Nō play of the same name by Motokiyo Zeami.

recommended for 16 years and older

Opera in 1 act (5 scenes)

With the Munich Chamber Orchestra
(Prices to be announced).

In deutscher Sprache mit Übertiteln in deutscher Sprache. New Production.

Lotte van den Berg’s productions move between dance, theatre and film and work with both professional and amateur actors. In 2014, she founded Third Space, a small and highly flexible organization based in Amsterdam, where she currently realizes her work. Together with visual artist Daan't Sas she initiated the long-term project, Building Conversation here, among others. Since its inception, Building Conversation has evolved into an international artist collective, which is fascinated by what happens when people begin to converse. Van den Berg is now collaborating with Alicja Kwade for the first time. The visual artist's work is inspired by philosophical, scientific and social issues. In her sculptures, she negotiates models and constructions for the perception of reality in order to question the possibilities of subjective and objective knowledge. Together, the two artists now get up close and personal with Toshio Hosokawa's work Matsukaze and the cosmos of opera.

*Postponement of the production Matsukaze to JA, MAY - FESTIVAL 2025. *

The Bayerische Staatsoper is postponing the opera Matsukaze by Toshio Hosokawa to JA, MAY - FESTIVAL 2025 due to changing general conditions and the associated budget risk.
"We are in a time of upheaval and have to deal with resulting consequences that cause planning risks and make it difficult to stage theater and opera productions. After weighing all the difficulties and possibilities, we have therefore decided that the production Matsukaze will be postponed to the YES, MAY - FESTIVAL 2025" Serge Dorny State Director.