08:00 pm | Utopia (ehemals Reithalle) | PREMIERE


Toshio Hosokawa

Prices E45 Ja, Mai 2025




Premiere on 03. May 2025

Composer Toshio Hosokawa. Libretto from Hannah Dübgen based on the Nō play of the same name by Motokiyo Zeami.

recommended for 16 years and older

Opera in 1 act (5 scenes)

With the Munich Chamber Orchestra

In German. With German and English subtitels. New Production.


The somnambulistic piece Matsukaze, a reworking of theJapanese Nō theatre material of the Master Zeami from the 15th century, recounts the unhappy love of two sisters, the salt water maidens, Matsukaze and Murasame, for the courtier, Yukihira. When he must leave one day, he promises them he will return, for his longing will call him back. But, he dies. The two sisters are left imprisoned by their yearning, become ghosts, return to the living again and again. Only a monk can help them out of their entrapment. Hosokawa’s composition transforms nature moods into tender, loving sounds, plays with silence, traces the passage of time and non-passage of intimate feelings, madness, the relationship between past, present and future, between the fundamental connection of human existence and nature. The world premiere was celebrated in 2011 at the Opéra La Monnaie in Brussels. For the Bayerische Staatsoper production, the director duo Lotte van den Berg and Tobias Staab will now collaborate for the first time with the visual, internationally active artist, Alicja Kwade.