Ja, Mai – the new festival 2022

A festival dedicated to early and contemporary musical theatre now comes to life in the 2021-22 season. The core concept of this new festival is contemporaneity, the placing of musical theatre in the present. At the same time, the festival traces contemporary musical theatre’s links with other genres and art forms, such as straight theatre, the visual arts and dance. It also refers to the origins of musical theatre towards the end of the 16th century, linking yesterday, today and tomorrow togehter. The origins of opera begin a dialogue with today’s musical theatre perspectives.

OBSERVATIONS: BLUTHAUS - Behind the scenes of Ja, Mai

Terrible things are happening in the blood house, people are upset. In this special edition of Observations for the Ja, Mai festival they are called in for interrogation: Author of the Libretto Händl Klaus describes what the story he wrote about a woman named Nadja is about, and what tonality Georg Friedrich Haas' music contrasts with it all. Director Claus Guth explains his approach to the piece and how he has tried to deal with the different levels of present and past in the piece. In the end, perhaps not one stone will be left on another and the protagonist will wake up in a police station, just because she wanted to sell her house.

OBSERVATIONS: THOMAS - Behind the scenes of Ja, Mai

In part two of the Observations special of the Ja, Mai festival we leave the familiar terrain in several aspects. The THOMAS issue shows how a heart is equipped with an orchestra. Sound director Zoro Babel explains his approach to the music of Georg Friedrich Haas. Meanwhile Director Anna-Sophie Mahler describes her approach to integrating the viewer as closely as possible within the grieving process. Sounds come from everywhere, but the music most likely comes from the heart.



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