Composer Georg Friedrich Haas.

Opera with text by Händl Klaus (2011 / 2014) Libretto by Händl Klaus Claudio Monteverdi IL BALLO DELLE INGRATE / LAMENTO DELLA NINFA (Madrigali Guerrieri ed Amorosi, Libro ottavo 1638) Librettos by Ottavio Rinuccini

Nadja is the central character in Georg Friedrich Haas’s opera, Bluthaus. Her story will be told. It tells of a trauma that cannot be escaped from, of which she wants to be free. She strives to leave her origins, her family, the parental home behind. The opera portrays the inner life of a fragmented personality, in close-up as it were. Bluthaus was the first collaboration between composer Georg Friedrich Haas and playwright Händl Klaus, from which grew a full opera trilogy. In his staging, Claus Guth focuses on the path of his main character, Nadja. What possibilities, prospects, scope to progress can someone who must process a traumatic event have? How can a world once destroyed be put together again?