The Fish Who Found the Sea

Choreography Charlotte Edmonds. Composer Katya Richardson.

Dance theatre for children (2022)

(from 4 years)

The „Parkettgarderobe“ in the National Theatre in Munich is transformed into an underwater world for the production Wie der Fisch zum Meer fand (The Fish Who Found the Sea). The young audience encounters a group of fish dancing their way through the sea. Among this group is a fish that thinks so hard about its ability to swim that it panics and no longer knows how to move at all. Only after a long search does he realise that he is in exactly the right place. The production for children aged four and over is based on a picture book with a story by Alan Watts, a British philosopher and writer. The Fish Who Found the Sea is the first and only story he wrote for children. Central to all his works is an examination of the conditions for contentment and happiness.


  • Fisch
  • Gill
  • Red