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Giuseppe Verdi




Composer Giuseppe Verdi. Libretto by Antonio Ghislanzoni based on a plot by Auguste Mariette Bey and a scenario by Camille Du Locle..

Opera in four acts - 1871

recommended for 14 years and older

In Italian with German and English subtitles. Premiere 15.5.2023.

Duration est. 3 hours 05 minutes

1. und 2. Akt est. 07:00 pm - 08:25 pm Interval est. 08:25 pm - 09:00 pm 3. und 4. Akt est. 09:00 pm - 10:05 pm


In the midst of a society dealing with the aftermath of war and its resurgence, director Damiano Michieletto and musical director Daniele Rustioni narrate the intimate love triangle between Aida, Radamès and Amneris.

A group of people seek shelter in devastated places that once brought joy and lightness. Destruction encroaches further, determining life, both external and internal. As commander Radamès must assume responsibility, a burden he is not equipped for. When the famous triumphal march celebrates victory, the images of death and war will not leave him, he is a traumatized man. The two women are also scarred by war and displacement. For Aida the situation means the loss of her roots, her family and the destruction of her love. Amneris also dreams of a different future. And in the end, the question is: What might all their lives have been without war?