Choreography Angelin Preljocaj. Music Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Ballet in three acts and an epilogue - 1994

recommended from 12 years and older

Duration est. 1 hours 35 minutes

no intermission

Angelin Preljocaj created Le Parc in 1994 for the Paris Opera Ballet, starring Isabelle Guérin and Laurent Hilaire. The choreography plays with elements from both classical and contemporary ballet, which demands extreme precision from the dancers. With these means, Angelin Preljocaj takes a contemporary look at the highly stylised traditions and rules for love and life at the European courts of the 17th and 18th centuries. 

As the action unfolds, a play develops between allure and devotion, between budding and disappointed loves, between fleeting yet long-lasting encounters. The tone for these amorous entanglements is set by various orchestral works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as well as the noise and soundscapes created by Goran Vejvoda especially for Le Parc. Thierry Leproust's stage design is inspired by classical parks in France and creates an ambiguous space for the mystery of love. Within it, costume designer Hervé Pierre sets a fascinating play of materials in motion. He dresses the ensemble in rococo fashion and uses the tense contrast between courtly dress code and bourgeois rule-breaking. The main couple grows closer and closer over the three acts of the ballet and finally comes together in the last pas de deux, which has become known as the "flying kiss".


  • Ensemble of the Bayerisches Staatsballett
  • Bayerisches Staatsorchester


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#bsbleparc 26.11.2023 17:43
Little throwback to yesterday’s premiere night of Angelin Preljocaj‘s LE PARC. 1, 2: on stage applause for the ensemble and Principals Madison Young and Julian MacKay with Angelin Preljocaj in the center. Conductor Koen...
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#bsbleparc 26.11.2023 17:21
Bravo 👏👏👏 to the company for the first premiere of the season: LE PARC by Angelin Preljocaj, who joined Ballet Director Laurent Hilaire and the dancers for this group shot. Photo by niczeusmackay #BSBleparc #bayerisches...
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#bsbleparc 14.11.2023 17:00
Handmade and sumptuous: the #costumes for LE PARC are being finished in our costumes department. Designer Hervé Pierre dresses the ensemble in rococo fashion and uses the tense contrast between courtly dress code and...
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#bsbleparc 12.11.2023 08:30
In LE PARC the Gardeners have the important task of structuring the entire ballet by opening each of the three acts and guiding the characters through the storyline. In today's introductionary matinee at 11am you learn...
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#bsbleparc 09.11.2023 17:00
The flying kiss - the last pas de deux in LE PARC is an iconic scene, which became famous beyond ballet. In our pictures you see madisoncyoung and julianmackay in rehearsals, on stage they will dance the premiere on 25...
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#bsbleparc 03.11.2023 10:00
Coming soon: our first premiere of the season LE PARC! Angelin Preljocaj's ballet will enter our stage on 25 November 2023. On November 12 there will be an introductionary matinee with insights into the piece and the...
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#bsbleparc 01.11.2023 10:00
It's WORLD BALLET DAY and time to celebrate ballet with you! Join us today and watch our stream on staatsballett.de! 🌍 We stream from 12pm until aprox. 3.20pm, this is our programme: First our daily training with ballet...
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#bsbleparc 25.09.2023 09:00
Angelin Preljocaj created LE PARC in 1994 for the Ballet of the Opéra de Paris. The choreography plays with elements from classical and contemporary ballet, set to the music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Ticket sales for our...

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