07:30 pm | Nationaltheater


David Dawson, Alexei Ratmansky, Marco Goecke

Prices G , € 70 /63 /53 /40 /- /- /10 /7 Munich Opera Festival, Subscription-Serie 10, Einführungen




Premiere at 20. December 2020

Choreography David Dawson, Alexei Ratmansky, Marco Goecke. Music Marjan Mozetich, Modest Mussorgski, Unsuk Chin.

Ballet in three parts (2022, 2014, 2022)

recommended for 12 years and older

Passages mark transitions from one place to the next. They can be entered from two opposite sides and can take on different meanings. In the three-part ballet evening Passages, David Dawson, Marco Goecke and Alexei Ratmansky create works in which very different facets of the transitional can be seen.

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